Experiment #17 – The After Dinner Drink

On many evenings after dinner my husband will indulge himself in a glass of whiskey.  Each time he offers me a glass, but I shake my head in disgust.  Whiskey on its own or even with ice is too strong a potion for me.  Yet, I love the idea of an after dinner drink or the night-cap.  There’s just something about sitting in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night curled up with my husband, our dog and enjoying a night-cap.

The idea of finding this night-cap of choice has been running around in my head for while.  Yesterday, I made the opportunity happen while stocking up on few bottles of wine at one of the best grocery stores in the world, Moore Wilsons.

My requirements for my night-cap were simple:

  1. No whiskey
  2. Nothing too strong
  3. Something with a bit of sweetness

Based on those requirements the obvious choice to me was Port.  Yay!  I always wanted to be a Port connoisseur or a connoisseur of something.  How does one get started at this connoisseuring thing?  Easy, stare at the Port section long enough and someone will come and help.  Fortunately, the girl who helped me was a lover of Port herself and knew exactly which Port I should start with, Ferreira, Late Bottle Vintage Porto.  She described it as good entry-level Port without blowing the bank, but also not cheap quality.  Perfect, a good place to start my Port building expertise, especially since my only basic knowledge of Port is that it’s from Portugal.

The two night caps I indulged in had the right effect on me. The sweetness of the Port was mild and not overpowering, while it warmed me up.  Not sure if it was the Port or my brain on over drive, but I did have a difficult time falling asleep.  I guess that means I’ll have to experiment with the Port not just in taste, but on the effects of my sleep.

I have a lot to learn before I become an expert, let alone a connoisseur.  I am looking forward to this ongoing experiment.



One thought on “Experiment #17 – The After Dinner Drink

  1. Since I stopped drinking alcohol I have milk chai for a night cap. It’s a lovely ritual before bed, and it’s got the added bonus of being sedative. Cheers.

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