Experiment #14 – Leaf Turning

No, I’m not talking about the changing colours of leaves on the trees as we say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn.  Actually, it’s about me attempting to turn a new leaf on life.  Originally, this blog was to be a new leaf, but I continue to struggle with my commitment to it.  The question I am posing to myself, is do I really want to write/blog? Or, is it the idea of it that is attractive to me?  It is a question I can repeat, where I replace write/blog with teach yoga, practice yoga, mountain bike, cook, photography. . . pretty much all things this blog is to be about.  What can I do to change and move forward with yet another new leaf?  Thus far I have attempted the following:

  • Make to-do lists. . . many of them
  • Carry a notebook around to make notes when I have a post idea
  • Keep the camera near the kitchen
  • Make a to-do list on my smartphone
  • Think about blogging, cooking, yogaing, mountain biking
  • Do yoga every once in a blue moon

They all work to some extent.  I just need to push myself on this whole idea because I’m full of ideas on experiments that I want to share to not only to myself, but to a wider audience.  Here’s a list of some things I want to experiment with:

  • How do you re-connect to your yoga practice after taking a break?
  • Why is your dog more stubborn than you when it comes to training?
  • How many ways are there to make a frittata?
  • What is the job description for a g-d parent?
  • How do I master the German apple strudel?
  • Why can’t I get back into the mountain bike saddle?

So, there you have it a list of ideas!  Best get cracking!  Actually, that won’t happen. . at least not right away.  Instead, from this moment on, thanks to the suggestion of my Writer’s and Wine group, I will commit myself to posting a minimum of once a month.  If I use the above ideas, then there are posts for the next six months.  Let’s take that one step towards that goal.  See you next month!


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