Experiment #12 – The dreaded filler word

As we embark on a new year, 2013, it is out with the old and in with the new.  I am not one for resolutions at the first of the year because I feel that resolutions are meant to be made throughout the year.  However, this post was meant to be posted ages ago, but now it seems just as fitting to post.

I don’t know when it happened.  I don’t know where it happened.  I don’t know how it happened.  But, somehow the word “so” moved into my vernacular as a filler, unpacked itself and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

One day it wasn’t there and then the next day it was appearing in every part of my conversation.  At the start of sentences, “So, let’s grab a bite to eat.”  In the middle of sentences, “There is this project I’m working on so I’m quite busy.”  When I became aware of it, it knew, so (hah!) I unwittingly threw it in when I was talking.

The use of filler words, whether it is so, um, uh, and, is common for most people.  Some of us use them more than others.  Sometimes they appear only when doing presentations.  Sometimes, like in my case, the appear all the time.  Once you realise the filler is there it can be extremely annoying.  It can also be the kick you need to minimise the use of them.  That is exactly what I have experimented over the course of weeks and now months.

When I noticed how often “so” was creeping into my conversations, I stopped and asked myself why.  Understanding the reason behind it showing up was the first step to eliminating it from every single sentence I spoke.  Quite simply, I don’t always stop to formulate my sentences before I speak, which leads me to throw in “so” until my brain catches-up with my voice.  I am quite notorious for speaking before I think.  Yes, I have suffered from putting my foot in my mouth because of it.  Using “so” sort of stops me from doing that. . . I hope.

One of the ways for me to extricated myself from using this filler word is to face it head-on.  So (for one last time) here goes my attack on my dreaded filler word, SO:

Dear filler word “so,”

Your time in as a member of my vernacular needs to come to end.  Please back your bags and leave.  You may come back for the occasional visit, but you are now officially been issued an eviction notice.


Rosy Experiments


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