Experimenting #8 – Writing my Will

This is an interesting topic to bring up on Rosy Experiments, but I got to thinking about my will, or lack thereof after reading, Half of Kiwis do not have a will, on Stuff.  That’s a pretty surprising figure.  My partner and I are part of the half that don’t have a will.  It’s not that we haven’t thought about writing ours.  It’s more that we didn’t think we needed one yet.  We were of the mindset when you buy house, you buy life insurance.  When you have a baby, you write your will.  We’ve got the house and the life insurance, but no baby.  So, no will.

After reading the above article that is all going to change.  Writing a will must be a scary experience because you are inevitably thinking about your death and what you want to happen to all your stuff after you’re gone.  Not a very easy thing to do.  At least it isn’t for me.

My parents weren’t ones to talk about this kind of stuff when I was young.  They didn’t want me and my siblings to worry about those things.  Just last year I found out who the executor of parents’ will is. . . weird.  Now as an adult, I’m left to figure this stuff out on my own.  Isn’t that what life is all about?

Over the next few weeks I’m challenging myself and my partner, he doesn’t know this yet, to draft our wills.   I’m not expecting us to get down into the nitty gritty details of our possessions.  I want to make sure that we are both ok in the eventual end of our lives, hopefully not for many years to come.  I’ll just have to ponder what to do with my childhood stuffed toy and baby blanket?  What I’d like to know from you all is, do you have a will?  What led you to write one and when?  What feelings did it stir up?  It’s more about you thinking about the process than really sharing with Rosy Experiments.  Grab a cup of tea and have think.  That’s what I’m going to do.



2 thoughts on “Experimenting #8 – Writing my Will

  1. Great post Hilary. I like the introduction of engaging the reader in your topic, by asking questions and suggesting we do something along with you. That’s a really good way to get a reader feeling involved in the blog.

    I don’t have a will. Neither does David. But in fact, like my dad used to say, you think you don’t have a will, but you do. If you don’t write your own, there’s a standard one that falls into place, and you just have to live with it, so to speak!

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