Experiment #7 – Ode to Wellington on a Plate

With the exception of writing a poem every few years to my besties on their wedding day, my poetry is probably less than average.  Despite that, the only way to truly relive the delight of Wellington on a Plate is through poetry.

Ode to Wellington on Plate

Oh Wellington on Plate you made my August so great

Though you made my waistline grow I still love you so

From your foodie events to your scrumptious dinner deals

We cannot forgot those burger meals

63 burgers in 16 days is quite the feat

I managed 4 which is pretty darn neat

Pravda, Hummingbird, Shinobi, Elements

The list goes on and on

I can’t believe this event is already gone

Another 360 some odd days until you re-appear

Oh dear

Let the countdown begin until we meet again next year

One thought on “Experiment #7 – Ode to Wellington on a Plate

  1. Good to see the experiments happening every day. Well done. And good for you for venturing into poetry too.

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