Experiment #6 – Blooming Garden

This morning as I pulled open the drapes from our lounge a beautiful sight fell upon me.  It was the first pink bloom from our Magnolia Stellata.  She is a new addition to the garden, so I was very giddy to see two of her fury buds had changed to a silky smooth pink bloom preparing to open to the world.

The whole garden is an experiment for me and my partner because everything except for the pittosporums and a Japanese maple were planted over the winter.  Now as spring approaches it seems that we will begin to tell how our little guys have done over winter and if they are the right fit for us.  The magnolia is not the only plant that is bring some new colour to our garden, there are the Stella Bella Lilies and the Daphne, but there is something extra special about this Magnolia plant.  Fingers-crossed she continues to bloom through the spring and stays happy and health in our Zoo Doo’d soil.

I wonder what’s going to bloom next, a flower or a weed?

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