Experiment #5 – The work / life balance

I would say my work / life balance is generally in balance.  It might be even a bit heavy on the life side in a good way.  However, in the last few weeks the scales have shifted to work being heavier.  This is a new thing for me.  This shift comes at a difficult time for as I start down this blogging path.  Instead of spending my time tonight sharing with you all my ode to Wellington on a Plate, I am sharing with you an issue that many of us face more than once in our life.  To be quite frank, it’s a boring topic, but it’s a quicker post than my ode.  You see, I’m determined to continuing with this posting everyday goal.  At least, for 30 days.  As I experiment with shifting the work  / life balance back into a balance that I’m comfortable with, it may become more of a work / life / blog balance I have to figure out.  Though, I promise, before the end of the week, there will be an ode or some sort on this blog.

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