Experiment #3 – Blogging

It’s day four of Rosy Experiments and it’s blog post number four.  This is pretty exciting for me!  I want to share with you all what has kicked started this project/experiment/journey.  Recently, there was a major change in my.  I saw it as a perfect stepping stone.  Because of this change I’m embarking on an experiment by default.  And, because if I don’t start Rosy Experiments now, I don’t know if I ever will.

What is this change you ask?  It’s quite a simple, but still a big one for me.  I stepped away from teaching yoga.  After three years of teaching yoga under the wonderful and supportive guidance of my yoga mentor, the time has come for me to embark on another yoga journey that is lead by me.  The decision to leave was not easy.  In fact, I began to second guess my decision after receiving emails from my students full of supportive and kind words about this change in my life.  Is this the right decision?  Yes it is!  Rather than second-guessing my decision, my students’ emails have now given me greater confidence in my decision to leave and to teach yoga independently.

Where to from here?  I am making a commitment to share my experiments with myself and with others.  These are very exciting times for me and I look forward to what’s ahead with these experiments.

One of my upcoming experiments well be in the yoga realm.  Specifically, I want to experiment with bringing yoga to my community.  Any ideas are very much welcome.

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