Experiment #1 fails. . .

Oh my goodness!  Rosy Experiments has encountered its first fail. . .setting up the look and feel of the blog.  Apparently, I’m a bit of a doof, yes a doof, when it comes to blog formatting and set-up.  I read the help menu, gave it a go, gave it another go and another and still it’s not doing what I want.  Am I the only one in the blogging world that has felt this way?

My gut tells me that while I may be a bit of doof, and I say this about myself in the nicest way possible, it just that I can spend too much time on the little things and forget about the end goal.  In this case the little things are Rosy’s bells and whistles, while the end goal is blogging.

How hard can it be to let the details go and carry on?  Shouldn’t be too hard, I hope.  I am going to experiment with letting go of working on the bells and whistles of Rosy Experiments,  and I challenge myself to just write posts. . . oh, and publish them.  If I can do that here it may help with letting go in my everyday life.  Experiment is underway.

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